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Sales Strategy and Development

Gaining customer and prospects mindshare in today’s information overload is difficult, so effective value selling is essential if your marketing effort is not to go to waste.

If you aren’t constantly re-evaluating how you sell and market you should start now – your competitors are!

Sales Strategy and Development Manchester:

After many years in sales I have proven processes that will:

  • Maximise the sales return on your marketing spend through effective sales processes, tools and training.
  • Enable you to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of expensive sales resource
  • Greatly increase your new customer acquisition rates
  • Maximise your customer relationships to cross sell additional products/services and gain referrals
  • Increase margins and grow your sales at 30%+ per year.

The way we sell has evolved as has access to buyers. Only 3% of any market are actively buying, 56% are not ready and 40% are poised to begin.

Most organisations focus only on the 3%. The successful high growth organisations focus on the 43%

They have a focus on building relationships and their value proposition with the 40%, to make the final sale as uncompetitive and value focused as possible.

If you want easier and higher value sales, start earlier in the sales cycle and nurture those relationships and your value through education and thought leadership - not selling too early in the cycle!

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of your sales force you then need to have sales processes, messaging and assets that will ensure maximum effectiveness when they meet with clients and prospects.

This is all part of your marketing plan and sales strategy and development training.

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