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Leadership Training and Team Development

In today’s competitive jobs market recruiting, keeping and motivating the right personnel is a limiting factor on your businesses growth.

I work with business owners and executive leadership teams on developing their skills and management processes to deliver a positive working environment and highly motivated effective teams.

You can:

Get a balance between Leadership and Management

  • Build a scalable team structure with the right people in each role
  • Improve employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Make your business more attractive to potential employees
  • Implement processes that aid employee satisfaction, deliver efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improve employee’s alignment to the company’s goals so increasing growth


As discussed in my video of the Entrepreneurial Ladder, your development is key to the success and scale of your business. As you develop yourself and your skills your business will scale. I work with business owners and executives to develop their skill’s so that the business can develop.

This cannot guarantee success as some fundamental personal attributes need to be in place namely

  • Persistence - keep faith in the value you bring and doing the right things.
  • Patience - most things take longer than you think!
  • Resilience – you will get knock backs – it’s how you respond to them that defines you. Learn from setbacks and take positive actions out of them.

Then combine these attributes with

  • Authenticity – be you – people identify fakes very quickly.
  • Integrity – do what you say you are going to do. It will differentiate you!
  • Honesty – admit you don’t know it all and ask for help when needed. It’s a sign of strength not weakness.

We can then develop the leadership and management skills that will take the business forward.

There is a lot of talk about leadership being the goal of all business executives and owners.

But for 98% of companies this is just not possible. They need hybrid managers and leaders.

If you are in a sizeable company with a large team who can manage the operations of the business - that creates enough time for a leader who can focus on strategy and culture.

Most CEO's, Directors and Business Owners don't have that luxury and as such must spend the majority of their time managing and sometime leading.

I work on developing both your management and leadership skills so that your company grows and achieves its full potential.