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Business Growth Strategies and Coaching

I work with Business Owners, CEO’s and their teams to define and execute a plan for the next stage of growth for their business.

I am not an expert in your market which is why coaching backed up by personal experience and proven tools and processes will enable us to drive the business forward and accelerate growth.

We work on both who you need to "be" as well as what you need to "do" to achieve your desired outcome.

If you want to:

  • Grow your business so that it delivers on both your personal and business goals.
  • Build a business with an engaged and motivated team that will grow and operate without you - giving the choice of how you spend your time.
  • Enhance your Sales and Marketing to deliver 30% + growth with a limited increase in resource so increasing profitability.
  • Improve customer service to deliver delighted customers who will return and recommend you.
  • Maximise the value of your business at sale and structure it so that a quick handover to the new owners can be achieved.

Business Growth Strategies and Coaching Manchester: Vision - ‘Start with the End in Mind’

What vision do you have for your company and when will it be finished? What do you personally want from the business – to run it as you love what you do, a passive income, a sale at a specific value?

Once you know both the vision for the company and what you want out of it you can then produce a plan of how to get there.


Having a plan with goals along the way to measure progress will give you much more structure and confidence as you have some clarity.

I don’t believe in extremely detailed planning as aspects of the plan will change over time.

So, the plan is something you can easily understand and attach to, that can be modified at 90 day reviews and identifies key focus activities that will change the future of your business.

Time Management & Prioritisation

Effective time management and prioritisation are critical if you are to successfully take your business to the next level.

As the quote say ‘The definition of madness is doing exactly the same thing and expecting a different result ‘

Now we have a plan, you need to create time to focus on critical aspects of that plan that only you can do – High Payoff Activities.

Now you need to find ways to ensure you focus on these HPA’s and avoid distraction.

This is a combination of finding ways focus your mind and allocating non-critical activities to your staff or external resources.

Everyone is different so multiple techniques are used dependant on the individual, but this is a fundamental part of my process with clients.

Without effective time management and activity prioritisation the chances of significant results are reduced.

Leadership & Management

Marketing Strategy Development

Sales Strategy Development

Systems & Processes

If you are to scale your company effectively you need to establish core systems and processes that will enable you to scale the company efficiently improving both revenue and profit.

Systems and processes also help ensure:

  • Consistent high-quality customer service
  • Ease of onboarding and training new employees
  • Maximise the effectiveness and cost saving impact of IT
  • Can be measured with KPI’s ensuring any issues and improvements can be identified.

Everyone likes to know how they are expected to do their job and how they will be measured, so systems and processes also deliver happier employees.

It’s not difficult to identify and map your businesses core processes.

I use very visual and iterative methods that teams can participate in to ensure the optimum process is defined.

Once you have done this and implemented the processes you will see significant efficiency and cost saving benefits along with happier employees.

Culture, Value & Employee Engagement

It is important to establish both the Culture and Values of your company at an early stage as these cannot be retro-fitted.

The culture and values of a company are important to both your staff and your customers as the effects include

  • Who you recruit – your aiming for long term employees.
  • What your staff see as important
  • What your customers will expect from you – if you publish your values you had better be able to live them!
  • Your levels of customer service

So, once you have the right people in the business you now need to keep and motivate them. This can take many forms including

  • Company culture and values
  • Common Goal - what can you all work to achieving that will be a rewarding experience for everyone.
  • Management styles and reporting – make sure your staff are very clear as to what is expected of them with
  • Clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Reporting standards and KPI’s must be clear and align with the company goals
  • Utilise their initiative and problem-solving capabilities. People learn if they think through the answer to the problems they encounter, rather than just intervening and telling them the solution.
  • Support risk taking – not everything will work but high growth companies try different strategies.

All successful companies have a defined culture, values and employee engagement.

Building your team will not only grow the company but also give you choice as to how you spend your time as you ‘Build a Business That Works Without You”