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Hi, I Mark Carnighan, Business Coach Manchester. I help businesses like yours reach their goals quicker by providing board-level external advice and support.

  • Do you have big aspirations for your business, but need ideas on how to reach them?

  • Does it get frustrating knowing that there is a huge opportunity for growth, but you're trying to achieve this on your own?

  • Are you struggling to build an effective team that share your vision?

  • Would you like to spend more time growing your business rather than working in it?

"Research by the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA) found that ‘training on its own increases productivity by 22%, whereas combining it with coaching increases productivity by 88%"


Whether you are building your business for the long term or working towards an exit, business growth does not happen by accident and should not be left to chance.

I can help you get the right mindset, create the right strategy and take action to implement your plan.

I work with Business Owners and Executive teams to take their business to the next level, with a combination of effective planning, differentiated sales messaging and effective marketing strategies.

I'll work with you to underpin these strategies by developing your team and internal processes to execute and support this growth and provide exceptional customer service.

As a Business Growth Specialist with decades of experience in helping to create successful, high growth companies, I can help you to clarify your goals and objectives and plan for success.

I will challenge your current business routine and get you back on track to reaching your goals and take your business from good, to great!

If you are serious about changing your business and way of thinking, and have fun whilst doing it, I can help you accelerate your business and achieve your vision.

What I do

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